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CEO Words

It is our pleasure to introduce Hana PET as a leading company in plastic packaging solutions. Our success story is a driving force behind our relentless pursuit to expand our business and industrial activities locally and globally.
Hana PET’s success as a plastic manufacturing company started as one person’s dream but quickly became a dream for all its employees. Despite the tough times we faced during our journey, we believe that we have successfully reached a stage of self-confidence by relying on two key factors. The first is the trust given to us by our customers, and the respect and pride built on the members of our company who possess a high degree of competence and a cooperative team spirit to achieve the developmental goals of our company.
Through these factors, we have launched a high-level strategy to develop the industrial and commercial sector of this company. With continuous updates and reliability in our production processes, as well as the ability to develop fruitful business relationships for us and our customers across the region, we look forward to opening up more new markets.
Thirty years of experience have passed, during which we faced all the obstacles that companies face on their way to prosperity. However, we have been able to overcome them with our determination to succeed. With the same determination, we will continue until, God willing, we become the leading company in the world of plastic.

About Hana PET Company

Hana PET Company took its first steps in the business world in 1984 by entering the packaging supplies and nylon bags trade under the name “Plastic Asama Company”. The goal was to provide packaging products to industrialists in the local markets.

The company’s executive management did not stop at enhancing local trading capabilities. The aim and vision were to enter the industrial field. In 1996, Hana Bit Plastic Manufacturing Company was born. The company started manufacturing plastic containers directly using PET materials known for their transparency and high quality. This was done using the best international machines that rely on direct automatic production from raw materials to the final packaging.

Since its inception, the company has been continuously striving to develop its developmental path. A branch was established for trading raw materials and auxiliary materials for the plastic industry in collaboration with leading global polymer manufacturers.

Production Mechanism

Since the beginning of our operations, we have implemented a manufacturing strategy using Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM) machines. Extensive studies were conducted to ensure the safety of this method for food and medical applications, as it provides product purity and the highest possible quality.

Despite the challenges we face, we have maintained the ISBM manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality. As the main supplier to major companies in the food and healthcare sectors, we generate compressed air according to ISO:8573(2-4-1) standards to ensure that there is no contamination inside the containers that could affect product safety.

Our technical management is continuously striving to develop our developmental path through scientific research and collaboration with leading global polymer manufacturers.

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